Pole Classes

Have you thought about doing pole but never quite taken that step yet?  or are you looking for a different and fun way to get fit?  Bored of the gym and need something that keeps your attention and makes you want to work out?
Whatever your reason, we have the perfect classes for you at Active Cherry.

Coming from another pole school? Book a one to one with an instructor to assess which level will best suit yourself. Message us using the contact for or on our Facebook Page

Please note that all of our group classes are for adults only unless otherwise specified. If you would like to book classes for children, please contact us so we can make special arrangements.

Beginners Pole

Our beginner pole classes are perfect for you if you are new to pole and want to do something fun to get fit. The class lasts one hour and we have new beginners joining classes every day, you don’t need to wait for a new course to start. We have a maximum of 8 in the class, with two instructors and often on your first few classes you (and any other newbies) will be with one of the instructors working through the basics.

During our beginners classes you will learn – the basics, hand grips, poses, various levels of spins, conditioning for higher level moves and pole flow. Each class is tailored to the students ability and our experienced and qualified instructors will give you exercises suited to your level.

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING to your first lesson:
Please wear leggings/jogging bottoms, a t-shirt or vest tops (socks or bare feet for class so no need to worry about new trainers etc). At some point in your pole journey you will be required to bring shorts, but this won’t be for a few weeks. Bring a bottle of water with you, as you will definitely get thirsty.

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Pole classes are a great way to stay in shape and are tailored for each ability. We have two levels for our intermediate, when you are first moved up from beginners you will be joining in the intermediate 1 classes, from there moving onto full intermediate. Your instructor will let you know when your ready to advance onto the next level. In intermediate classes you will be working on inverted moves, advanced climbing and more.

Please wear shorts, a t-shirt or vest tops. Bottle of water and of course any grip products that you need 😀

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Advanced Classes are the top level for Pole at Active Cherry. To be in these classes you need to have a high level of pole skills, your instructor will let you know when your ready to move up a level.

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Looking for a way to unleash your inner vixen? Classique is a class designed to focus on movement and breathing, embracing your sexuality and sensual side. No experience required in this particular style but some pole experience is helpful. Its normal to be nervous but once you see how friendly and welcoming everyone is your nerves will soon melt away. Free yourself, express yourself.

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