• We are moving!

    New studio opening.
    ActiveCherry are Expanding! We have a new studio to share with you all.
    We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at ActiveCherry to bring you a bigger, better space that will allow us to offer you more height, more classes and more breathing room 🙂 we even have a better parking situation! Your memberships won’t change, your favourite classes will all be there and you’ll have even more choice! If you have classes already booked they will still be honoured at the new space and you have nothing to fear 🙂 memberships will continue to roll over and the world will keep spinning! We’re so excited to share this with you! Thank you for staying loyal to ActiveCherry.
    New classes coming soon:
    With all this amazing new space we have we will now be able to offer more classes. Some even at the same time so we can maximise the prime time schedule slots to everyone’s benefit. Pole and aerial classes will be able to take place at the same time which also opens up new space for evening private lessons. We will also be mixing and matching classes such as aerial hoop and rings, pole classique and spin pole.
    Clean and tidy studio space
    Are you fed up of having loads of clutter in the background of your photos? Maybe it’s just my OCD but I’m so excited to keep the new space as clean and open as possible. To help us with this we will be introducing a few new policies and procedures to help keep the place tidy. We will be implementing a no shoes in the studio rule (except for pleasers in the pole room of course 😉 and we will have cubbies for you all to pick up at the front to put your stuff in and take with you to your classroom area. This should hopefully also prevent forgetting jewellery and personal belongings! On that note, we will also be implementing a strict no jewellery policy especially on the brand new poles. We’d also like to ask you to bring sleeves for use on the silks and slings. With all the extra height it’s gonna be tricky to replace the silks so no zips or long nails either! 💋



    We’ll be celebrating the new space with an ActiveCherry festival and showcase! 16th September 2017
    This will be a day of classes starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm. 25 in total to choose from! Classes range from £5-£10 each or you can buy a package. £25 for up to 3 classes and a showcase ticket or £40 for unlimited festival classes and a showcase ticket. The showcase will be £5 for members in advance,£7 for non members in advance or £10 on the door for all. Doors will open at 7pm and we will be showcasing a mixture of talent from our students all the way up to professional industry performers! It’s an event not to be missed. Classes include sling choreography, pole classique, Burlesque hoop, intro to trapeze and much much more!check out our timetable to see full details. www.activeCherry.com/timetable