If you’re looking to break away from monotonous Christmas tradition, or aiming to cast a unique twist on your annual, hen or birthday party, then Active Cherry has the perfect product for you! With aerial acrobatics, burlesque and pole dance fitness parties on offer, we can treat you to an event that your staff  or your friends and family will never forget. Our instructors will keep your party entertained so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can also choose the length of your party to suit the rest of your plans and we can give evenings and daytimes with enough notice.  Want to learn more than one discipline during your party? We can combine! Our most popular party is Pole and Burlesque but we can combine any of our classes just for you. Don’t hesitate to just ask, our team are dedicated to meeting your entertainment needs. We love a good party. And theres no minimum or maximum capacity either so whether you have 5 people in your team or 50, we can make it happen.


To find out how we can tailor an event exclusively to your needs click here and submit your enquiry on our contact form.



A non refundable deposit of £50 is needed to secure your date. Quotes for each specifically tailored party can be given on request. Parties are priced according to which discipline you would like to book and how many people are attending. Please note we do not have the facilities to supply catering but the town centre is close by if you’re thinking of going for a meal or drinks afterward.