A class based on transitions in the hoop, as well as developing your confidence with some basic floor work and mounts, working towards choreography and routines. We tailor the transitions and routines to the level you are working at. Combinations of moves help build your stamina and confidence quickly, compared to single moves, as well as giving you an opportunity to let loose a little and dance in the air! If you think that performing at one of our showcases or at a competition could be in your future, this is the class for you!

Prerequsites – you must be able to mount the hoop unassisted in at least one mount (Delilah mount is fine) and able to move between basic moves unassisted. Ask your hoop instructor if you are ready for this class – it will happen sooner than you realise!

What to Wear/Bring:

Layers are sensible but make sure there is nothing loose to get caught on the equipment. Leggings or tight joggers are best and a top that covers your back and tummy. Bring a bottle of water to keep you refreshed.

TIMES: Wednesday at 7pm


  • Sophie Scott-Harman


  • Improved Strength and Flexibility
  • Greater stamina
  • More graceful transitions
  • Character development for performances
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