This class focusses on specific stretching techniques to achieve front and middle splits. A range of stretching techniques are used to help lengthen and strengthen all the muscles we employ to get our splits. We take inspiration from surrender into yoga style poses as well as active flexibility drills, in order to progress towards a wider straddle, front and middle splits, both on the floor and in the air!

Safe stretching technique is very important to us and although we use some partner stretches our aim is to remain safe and active in our splits so we reduce our risk of injury whilst we develop our mobility and flexibility.

Suitable for all – whether you are aiming for just a little more mobility, a flat split or working towards an oversplit, we can help you develop whatever level you are at!

What to Wear/Bring:

Wear clothes that feel comfortable – leggings and t-shirt can be ideal. Bring a bottle of water to keep you refreshed.

TIMES: Thursday (Every other week) at 8pm


  • Sophie Scott-Harman


  • Long, lean, strong muscles
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Greater confidence
  • Improved Active Flexibility
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