Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Learn new and exhilarating circus inspired aerial disciplines to improve your upper body and core strength and just fly! We have Hoop, Trapeze, Silks, rings and the sling. Each class varies in equipment, and will be different over the weeks. These classes are an amazing way to get fit while having fun and working towards mastering the different moves.

What to Wear/Bring:
Please wear leggings, a top that covers both back and tummy – the best clothing will not be loose as you don’t want anything to get caught on the equipment. Leg warmers/Long socks or/and extra layers are recommended at the be beginning as your skin gets used to the equipment. Bring a bottle of water to keep you refreshed.

TIMES: Monday at 8pm, Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 2pm


  • Andi ActiveCherry
  • Kat Bell
  • Sophie Scott-Harman
  • Miz Wells
  • Kat Urquhart
  • Charlene Jenny Hoad
  • Tanzi Spencer


  • Circus Fun
  • Cardio
  • Calorie and fat burning
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Greater Confidence
  • Improved muscle tone
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